Goose Patrol

Having animals makes every day an adventure. If you think you’ve made it through a day without an issue, you haven’t gone to bed yet..
This time of year, it’s dark when I get home from work. The first thing I do going up the driveway is shine my headlights in the paddock to make sure JP & Patch, my thoroughbred & donkey lawn ornaments are standing on all feet & OK. Before I pull into the basement/garage I make sure the geese are accounted for. Their shed is under the deck. Three of them are together on one side w/ a border fence between them & the other two, who can come & go as they please during the day.
Well, the chinese swan goose was missing.
My husband isn’t so fond of this one. See, they all adopted us. The first four dropped in, literally, in March of 2008 (one month after my dad passed away). It was a nasty flooding storm & they were terrified enough to all take off. Domestic geese aren’t the best fliers, & worse landers. It was dark, I was feeding my lawn ornaments, & they dropped out of the sky – scared the tar out of JP, Patch & me.
Anyway, (sorry for the detour) last summer this last goose showed up outside the goose shed.
OK-another quickie- late spring I saw a gagle? of wild Canadian geese walking down the road, one parent in front, one in the middle, all the kids (about 12) in tow, w/ this white chinese swan goose walking behind, head up, proud as punch. As you know, the wild ones leave, & the swan goose was left behind. She must’ve seen our place.
Back to her most recent story. First thing I did was find my truck driver husband who was trying to sleep & yelled, “Where’s the goose?!!”, like he would know. But I just wanted to make sure he didn’t have anything to do w/ her disappearance. We’ve had lots of snow, so a few days ago I made a path down to our little stream so the geese could go play in it. Flashlight in hand I went searching & calling. With that I heard this faint “honk-squeak” & put the light on her. She was way down the stream, far away from the path & on the other side of two branches that she bent under to get to where she was. These geese can’t see well, especially at night, so she was stuck in the stream. It was already 15 degrees, so I trudged through the snow & into the stream to pick her up & carried her back up to the shed. As an official critter caretaker, thinking about myself entering the frigid water did not come into mind.
She’s doing fine today. Her name is Yin Yang. She follows me to take care of JP & Patch every morning. She bites me every chance she can, but she also lets me pick her up to warm her feet.
Now it’s time to go to bed.

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