Where’s The Dog?

My husband is a truck driver. His job takes him over the Canadian border about once a week.
At the border, tractor trailers are required to drive their rigs through an xray machine, to detect bombs, unclaimed cargo, & anything that’s not supposed to be there.
This day, he went through as usual & the officer came up to him & said “Get out of the truck!” With that, he climbed out & the officer went into the truck, rummaging around. Finally, he came out & said, “Alright, where’s the dog?”
My husband said “What dog, there’s no dog in there.” Again the officer asked where he hid the dog. Finally he believed him & let him go on his way.
I knew what the officer saw..
See, back in 1997 we lost our beautiful Golden Retriever to cancer after eleven years together. Before his illness, he’d ride w/ my husband in the truck, sitting in the passenger seat like the co-pilot he was. The seat was even made for him w/ an extension on the seat part so he could sit & watch where they were going.
It was easy for me to know exactly what that xray machine picked up. Luke puppy came to visit my husband & wanted to go for another ride.
Our loved ones never leave us. But they do make themselves known in the most interesting ways!

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